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Signs it is Time to Pump the Septic Tank

Pumping the septic tank is necessary for homeowners. This service empties the solids from the unit, which prevents overflow and problems like backflow from occurring. Most people need their tank pumped once every three to five years, but this varies from one situation to the next. Many signs indicate the need to pump the septic tank. Do not ignore these signs when you notice them and call a central florida septic company for fast, efficient repairs.

1- Pooling Water

Look in the yard periodically for signs of trouble. If you notice that there is standing water in the lawn, particularly near the septic unit, it is a sign that your tank is full. If the tank overfills with solids, wastewater leaks out and into the drain field, resulting in this pooling in the lawn.

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2- Bad Odors

Terrible odors come lingering into the home when the septic tank is full. These smells are not those that you want to smell even for a single minute. Wastewater is not a pleasant smell at all. You may notice the smell due to water pooling or due to backflow.

3- Backflow

Backflow occurs when solid waste comes back into the pipes of your home. Yes, it is as horrible as it sounds to see solid waste in the sink or in the tub. However, if the tank is full and there is nowhere left for it to travel, this is the only option left.

4- Slow Drains

If wastewater and sewage accumulates in the pipes due to the septic tank being full, it can also clog the drains, causing slow flowing water. If you notice this problem with several of the drain in the house, it could be due to a full septic tank.